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Anubhavam – Bombay Jayashri

It was at this year’s Dover Lane Music Conference where Vidushi Bombay Jayashri’s (Ramnath) elegance was incomparable. She came, she performed for almost an hour and a half and left. She didn’t talk much. But it was her singing and improvisations that did most of the talking for her through the Carnatic music. If it was not for the management of the Dover lane Conference, she would have stayed and performed a little longer. It was apparent that the audience wanted more of her voice. This performance was a little confounding, quite soothing and mostly enthralling. The soulful kritis and tillana that she performed were downright delightful and fascinating. She is an Academy Award nominee for best original song after all. For someone coming from India, it sounds invigorating. Mostly to the people pursuing the same route of music she leads. Jayashri has sung for multiple movies, one of which the Life of Pi has led her to the nominee for best original score, but it’s mostly her classical performance that’s her hybrid offering. “The …