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Watch Lorn’s Timesink

Illinois’ Marcos Ortega, better known by his stage name Lorn just dropped a video for the track Timesink from his niche experimental 7th full-length LP Drown The Traitor Within. The video features a caption that says, “Shot in Fall of 2019 pre COVID-19. We hope you all stay safe, and spend this time with your loved ones in the midst of this global pandemic.” The Pavel Brenner directed music video shows a lone boy riding a bike through a deserted and eerily peaceful forest road. He dodges a range of abandoned vehicles and a roadblock where nature is reasserting itself after a widespread disease that wiped out humanity. The video ends with him coming across two elks. His right eye bleeds but he continues to cycle through the road. Watch. Advertisements


Listen to Maya Hawke’s By Myself

The Stranger Things’ beloved Maya Hawke (better known for her role as Robin Buckley) just returned with a video accompanying her new single By Myself and announced a new album dropping on June 19. The album will be including Hawke’s previous releases like To Love A Boy and Stay Open as well as By Myself. The track features an angelic video of the singer. Hawke also stated a portion of her merch proceeds from the new record will go to the New York City food bank.

Revisiting Vaporwave In 2020

Almost 10 years ago, vaporwave memes took over the internet by storm. The first microgenre to be born and live its life entirely on the Internet. Thanks to its nostalgic and surrealist take on popular culture and entertainment that helped exteriorized the bygone-ingenuousness. But writing about Vaporwave in 2020 is almost as unnecessary as carrying small changes for the phone booths. We don’t need to do that anymore because there are plenty of other things out there to do and talk about in 2020. Not that consumer capitalism is dead, it’s just we are trying to be satisfied with the status quo we are in right now. If everything I am saying sounds confusing to you, try this. Or this.. Vaporwave was originally created as a meme with an ambiguous and satirical take on globalization, runaway consumerism, manufactured nostalgia, and most importantly technoculture (the interactions between, and politics of, technology and culture). No other music has ever been directly associated with these aspects of the zeitgeist. And if it was the first time you heard …

Disclosure: Ecstasy

Over the years, Disclosure is whiting down their music. It’s been almost five years since the duo has dropped Caracal, their last full-length LP. But they did not, however, abandon their fans entirely. The duo has released three EPs since Caracal, one of which just dropped last week, titled Ecstasy. A five-song long EP includes Tondo, Expressing What Matters, Etran, Get Close and the title track. Disclosure came out with their four-to-the-floor debut, Settle, during when dance music was growing its mainstream prominence. It was one of the best electronic albums of 2013 with blend-in elements from dance-pop, bass music, deep house, and UK & Future garage. Settle’s crispy and coquettish persona was playful, enjoyable and refreshing, much like UK’s dance music scene that always pushes itself forward. But their follow up project, 2015’s r&b driven Caracal was a bit of a disappointment. The album lost its prominence into the noise of heavy names like The Weeknd, Sam Smith, Lorde, and Miguel and chart-friendly sound. But it is what it is. The duo’s funky-as-fuck sound …

The Rise And Fall of Non-Film Music in Kolkata

For a few years when I was in my preadolescence, my favourite (Bengali) band was Cactus (ক্যাকটাস). I loved its early 00s mellow aesthetics; I loved the blues, pop-rock and psychedelic flux, bedded with the furor over creative and pioneering ideas. It was an odd thing. Especially for someone of that tender age who didn’t understand a single word singing along with the guitars and drums. It’s difficult to articulate now exactly what I liked about the band at that time beyond that the music resonated with my general preadolescent angst, but I do remember headbanging with the guitar riffs and drums every time I listened to them. I continued to follow Cactus along with other bands and solo acts like Fossils, Krosswindz, Chandrabindoo, Anjan Dutta, Nachiketa Chakraborty, Bhoomi, Lakhhichhara, Srikanto Acharya, Lopamudra Mitra and the trailblazer Moheener Ghoraguli for several more years til the late 2009 or early 2010. The enthusiasm, however, gradually waned. The more time passed, the less likely it seemed that I would ever retake interest in listening to my once favourite …

Help Us Grow. Join Us in 2020

Dear readers, We are proud to offer Anuranon as a platform for unbiased and independent opinions and stories. The journey begins right here, right now. With your support and help, we wish to increase the frequency and variety of stories and opinions available to you. We will aim to publish several articles in a month. Some will be commissioned by us; others we will select from the ideas and proposals sent to as publishing external voices is always the key part of an independent and unprejudiced platform. We also encourage long-form features. But we will relish the ones that highlight unexpected places, explore new ideas and, most importantly, inspire diverse points of view. Stories that take a considerable amount of time and research to develop and involve multiple sources and rigorous edits. If you like to be a part of this conversation, please send in your piece at Your piece can even be broken up into a series depending on length and subject. (Read our ABOUT & SUBMISSION page before you commit.) But …