Oksami – Cityscapes

For new listeners there is no handier introduction to Lo-fi’s power to take the urban/suburb’s quite imaginary nostalgic aura and neon utopia to another level than listening to Home’s 2014 Resonance. Resonance had taken the internet by storm. That is for sure. And the truth is this glimmer of Resonance never faded away even though it has been six years since the track was released. But time has passed. In 2014, synthwave, vaporwave, and future funk had their own bony glory. With so many great records you couldn’t possibly miss the bliss that this genres can provide. Though they never died entirely, they have faded for sure. Mostly because the mainstream media outlets never really took them as serious genres. Hence, the artists who make music like these are often become underground entities. The only streaming numbers they make are mostly from different playlists where their tracks have been featured. But the truth is these music and artists have the true potential to make you see through sound with a very minimal cornerstone.

Eric aka Oksami’s Cityscapes is one of those amazing records that tends to not overpower the listeners laid-back disposition. It delves into carefully designed synths to make them feel like samples taken from elsewhere and give the track its vintage feel. Without being much fastidious while being influenced by J Dilla, Kendrick Lamar, and MXXWLL, Oksami managed to get the most aesthetically pleasing soundscape anchored by swooning, bewildered vocal chops from omnisphere, hollowed out lo-fi drums, guitars, strings and harp. With all these elements merged together, Cityscapes unerringly induces a brawny dose of neon aura and nostalgia.


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