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Dear readers,

We are proud to offer Anuranon as a platform for unbiased and independent opinions and stories. The journey begins right here, right now. With your support and help, we wish to increase the frequency and variety of stories and opinions available to you.

We will aim to publish several articles in a month. Some will be commissioned by us; others we will select from the ideas and proposals sent to as publishing external voices is always the key part of an independent and unprejudiced platform.

We also encourage long-form features. But we will relish the ones that highlight unexpected places, explore new ideas and, most importantly, inspire diverse points of view. Stories that take a considerable amount of time and research to develop and involve multiple sources and rigorous edits. If you like to be a part of this conversation, please send in your piece at Your piece can even be broken up into a series depending on length and subject. (Read our ABOUT & SUBMISSION page before you commit.)

But predominantly, readership keeps a platform alive. So we will need YOUR engagement A LOT. And we will also need your inputs on what works and what doesn’t. Send them to; anytime or simply, leave a comment.

We are excited for 2020. And we wish you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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