Frank & Nancy Sinatra: Somethin’ Stupid

Frank Sinatra’s most celebrated collaboration of the 60s wasn’t with an orchestra or a luminary songwriter, but with his daughter, Nancy Sinatra. The song Somethin’ stupid had first appeared a year before the Sinatras shared their love for singing with each other. It was originally a duet between C. Carson Parks and his wife, Gaile Foote, written by Parks himself.

Somethin’ Stupid tells a story about a man and a woman enjoying each other’s company until one of them spoils that by saying Somethin’ Stupid….”And then I go and spoil it all by saying somethin’ stupid like, ‘I love you'” the chorus sings. The track was issued in 1967 as a single and later appeared on Frank Sinatra’s 1967 album The World We Knew.

Frank and Nancy’s version keeps the basic arrangement of the original, but while Parks and Foote’s vocals are well complementary to each other, the Sinatras’ were a bit harsh on the surface, pushing Nancy Sinatra’s voice under Frank Sintra‘s.

Somethin’ Stupid was nominated for the Record Of The Year at the 10th Grammy Awards, losing to the 5th Dimension’s upbeat hit Up, Up And Away.


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