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A Young Director and his only film

I came across a brief write up by one of my acquaintances on Facebook a few days back. “…Asia is the place where cinema is still breathing a fresh whiff of significant cinema – something which current European cinema is visibly lacking!”, it concluded. He listed a bunch of directors from different parts of Asia who are shining with their works today. But what caught my eyes was this line: “Sadly, I couldn’t add Bo Hu’s name.” I asked him if it’s because of the fact Hu Bo is no more. His answer was ‘yes’. “An elephant sitting still” is the first and the last feature film by Chinese director Hu Bo who killed himself during the final editing procedure of the film, in 2017, at 29. The film came out in 2018 and immediately gained attention from the world audience. Hu Bo was a student of Bela Tarr, the Hungarian auteur. The film opens up in a morning with a story about an elephant, narrated in a voice of one of the characters. In a northern Chinese city …