Alaskan Flower – Like Bits of Glass in a Kaleidoscope


One handy thing about not knowing an artist behind an album/EP is what you get is an obscure piece of art left to you to own. Magnus Kallar/Alaskan Flower’s new album Like Bits of Glass in a Kaleidoscope took this direction. There is not much known about the Norwegian artist who’s debut album just released on June this year. As is often the case with ambient musicians on Bandcamp. But Like Bits of Glass in a Kaleidoscope’s general tone of melancholia, despair, and tranquility will attract you and mostly in a good way. With banks of muddy noises, drones and warm low-mid frequencies coiling up and around one another and embracing the obdurate foundation, the album offers something very rundown, not just in an emotional context but something deeper than that.

What is so prominent about Like Bits of Glass in a Kaleidoscope is its acute sense of direction. The tone may vary all through the album, sounding like watching an 8mm video of a sunny shore, or an anthem for a requiem hummed quietly in the distance. At some point, it reaches such a level of eeriness that it feels like the mood of the album will disintegrate but Alaskan Flower managed to somehow retain the overall melancholia. It’s an album that will be treated as an ambient album but mostly in a cinematic way. It Disintegrates in times but gets back to where it started from as ideas are presented in an ever-repeating loop.

Alaskan Flower did not use and replicate any sort of traditional field recordings in Like Bits of Glass in a Kaleidoscope. The album’s core foundation is obligated synth drone. But that does not diminish any radiance. Neither does it benefit the listeners by listening to it in pieces. The album is best to be consumed in a single sitting, where the demure melancholia and anxiety of it can truly unfold. At times Like Bits of Glass in a Kaleidoscope becomes otherworldly, getting high up in an interplanetary voyage. At others, it’s knee-deep in everyday suffering reminiscing on some distant memory.

Certainly, it’s tempting to conclude what Alaskan Flower brings next to the table will be exciting to see, as as of right now the artist takes their place amid the colossal expectations.


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